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Welcome to our dedicated job portal for the timber industry. Part of the Wooduchoose family of brands - a name that truly embodies what we do. Our platform is just one of the many innovative online spaces that make up the ‘Woodu’ collection

Wooduchoose is all about encouraging people to choose wood, and we are excited to be a part of that mission. Our platform connects talented job seekers with leading companies in the timber industry, using AI-powered technology to make the process as seamless and efficient as possible.

All of our sites are designed to solve problems for you. The wood industry is fluid, complex and there are many challenges. Wooduwork is one part of the Wooduchoose story. We also offer a range of wooden product microsites, each focused on a specific niche area within the timber industry. From bespoke furniture to sustainable building materials, our microsites offer a wealth of information and inspiration for anyone interested in working with wood.

We are proud to be a part of the Woodu family, and we invite you to explore our spin-off mini-sites and discover the many ways in which wood can be used to create beautiful and functional products. Join us in choosing wood - because when it comes to building a sustainable future, every choice matters.


WoodU - Woodu helps timber organisations improve their online presence, increase leads and sales, as well as many other tools to help those involved in woodworking. Visit WoodU


Wooduchoose - Wooduchoose is an online timber Merchant, wood specialist and hardwood supplier offering custom and bespoke timber mouldings and much more. Visit Wooduchoose


Woodutrade - the supplier portal for Wooduchoose. If you are in the wood industry Woodutrade is for you. Receive qualified leads, sell products, connect with others and much more. Visit Woodutrade


Woodubuy is a specialist site thats sells sawn and planed timber direct to the trade and retail customers, all sawn timber and planed timber orders include full UK delivery. Visit Woodubuy


WooduWeigh is a real time wood weight calculator which uses our own wood density algorithm that allows you calculate the weight of any quantity and type of timber. Visit Wooduweigh


AnyOneWood the online wood and timber database. Having worked with timber for over thirty years, we have built a database to assist your timber selection. Visit AnyOneWood


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